About 018 ®

At 018®, the service we offer Kiwis is simple. We're the people you call when you're looking for a phone number. It can be for a home or business, an 0800 or 0900 number, a mobile number and we can even help with addresses. In most cases, you can connect to the number by pressing 1*.

Full terms and conditions for 018® can be found here, and (among other things) cover our use of your information and our call recording policy.

Just give us a bell with what you're looking for — the location can be helpful too — and we'll get straight to it. If you call us from your mobile a lot, check out our new 018VIP® service to see if it tickles your fancy.

If you're overseas and looking for a number in New Zealand, your best bet is to use www.whitepages.co.nz or www.yellow.co.nz or try using the international directory service of the country you're in.

There's a small charge for the 018® service and this will appear on your phone bill. To see what your telco will charge, click on their name below.

* Availability of the Direct Connect service is dependent on how your service provider presents your call to 018®. You will not be offered the option to Direct Connect if you call from a prepaid mobile or toll barred phone or if you request an 0900 number.